TV3 pulls controversial ad

TV3 has pulled their controversial Monday movie promo which was slammed for being an exact copy of an American Playstation 3 promo.

The promo, which featured 7 Days comedian Dai Henwood and a mildly impressive movie montage, bore a striking resemblance to Sony’s campaign featuring comedian Kevin Butler, leading fans online to label it a forgery and a rip off.

A shot-by-shot comparison video appeared on kiwi gaming website which further exposed the similarities.

Dai Henwood tweeted yesterday that he had no idea a similar ad existed before he shot the promo.

“I was just the actor. Didn’t do the creative and hadn’t seen the Sony ad. Agreed they are identical.” He said.

Meanwhile American Kevin Butler tweeted this: “Dear TV3: You could have at least put my photo on top of the amp”.

TV3 however has put its own spin on the controversy, saying in a statement: “After a great response to our Monday night movie promo, the campaign has run its course and won’t be going to air again.

“Our intention with the promo was to have some fun and have viewers notice that we have something big on Monday night with our movies. We’ve certainly achieve both those goals.”

Source: Herald


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About the author

  • Grabate

    Did they think no one would notice?

  • aaronimpact

    Who wants to watch movies on a monday night?

  • reece_555

    Movies seem to be added to Mondays because Saturdays movie was dropped for CSI: NY and CSI

  • korn007

    Who wants to watch movies with adds every 7 or 8 minutes ?

  • Benjamin Paul

    Are both of the CSI’s more popular than a movie? Monday is a strange night for a movie. Best movie nights are between Wednesday and Sunday.

  • reece_555

    CSI:NY rated low on Tuesday so was dropped for Outrageous Fortune at 8.30 the CSI episodes are repeats just to fill in the night.