• Damon

    I happened to see this page from a re-tweet, but a factually inacurate, unbalanced opinion piece of ‘writing’ like this is clearly why you’re not in tv…or any credible platform of journalism. It’s just another hate-filled rant against TVNZ that is cool amoung the jealous, wannabe reporters in this country.

  • Rachel

    Can you clarify the factual inaccuracies rather than rant back?

  • regan

    @Damon, I do look forward to being accused of unbalanced opinion when I call TVNZ out for doing a good job at something in the future, the same as I have done in the past.

  • jay

    I feel sorry for Jack Tame. TVNZ have made him the face of reporting but he is still so young and I’m guessing lacks alot of life experience. Maybe TVNZ need to look at the way they hire graduates.

  • Benjamin Paul

    In some respects I agree with Damon, I do find regan’s rants and raves to usually be attacking One News and they lack in credibility itself when the bias is so obvious.

    Opinions aside on one vs three I thought that yes Jack Tame’s story was lacking in credibility but look at the actual story. Both three news and one news lead with this…which is a sign of what the f*** else are they going to report? 
    When I was watching the Jack Tame report I thought that the stupid saga of Haden’s rape comments were presented with enough of sarcasm and sillyness that was appropriate to the story itself. Honestly I enjoyed the way it was presented, if it was something more serious (which this is clearly not serious)…I may be more critical. My only criticism of the story would be that it possibly should not have been the first story.

    Bring on 30 minute news on the weekend.

  • regan

    Perhaps I need to collate a list of posts directed at both networks. Whether I write about One or Three, someone always calls me biased.

  • bobscoffee

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this article, in fact I agree with it and think it applies to both ONE News and 3 News. If you want to go somewhere for news in this country, don’t turn to the television.

  • dextra

    @Regan: Fear not, one of my favorite Journalism lecturers always used to say the best sign of a balanced reporter is when they get equal complaints from both sides. Looking at your history, I’d say you’re doing reasonably well.

    Plus, if you check your ip access_log you’ll probably find most of the whiney commenters are coming direct from TVNZ PR.

    Dear TVNZ,  you epic failures. Don’t expect to compile your lead in the newsroom with a mishmash of PTCs and “Glenn Beck’ish” whiteboards and not get complaints.

  • monreve

    is this the “Jack” who “claims” he has to sit on a cushion when he co presents breakfast TV ….cos of back problems? Not that he wants to look taller than his co hosts ?

  • wohucanglong

    Absolutely pathetic piece of journalism. Can someone at TVNZ please tell Jack that to be a journalist means reporting the news, not being the news. In fact, this was so bad I forgot halfway through the item that this was about Andy Haden resigning. I began to think it was about Jack and how hard he has been working to chase the story . . . or is that to create a story? This lame piece of journalism should be used in schools throughout the country as a clear cut example of what not to do.

  • bobscoffee

    Is there no intermediate step for budding journalists who have come out of journalism school to train and develop skills, before appearing on national tv news? I suppose if we had regional news again that is where it would happen?

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