7 Days pair score prime-time slot

7 Days comedians Jeremy Corbett and Ben Hurley have been elevated to prime-time for their one-off TV3 special which see’s the pair embark on a road trip around NZ.

Ben and Jeremy’s Big Road Trip, which was shot over nine days and largely without a script, will screen at 7.30pm on Monday.

Sponsored by the New Zealand Transport Authority, the one-hour special loosely carries the message of not driving while you are tired which Corbett explains wasn’t all that hard: “We are really fortunate they didn’t ask us to stand up and preach, we just have fun for an hour with a cursory nod to that message.”

The road trip was shot by up-and-coming kiwi filmmaker Jason Stutter who along with Corbett and Hurley decided the whole experience would work better if the pair played heightened versions of themselves.

Hence, Corbett is no longer a breakfast radio and TV host but a computer-game nerd who believes he’s the funniest comedian in the land.

“The funny thing is, I thought I was playing a version of myself, kind of a nerdy, geeky version but everyone I have spoken to says ‘nah, that sounds like you mate’,” Corbett said.

Corbett’s real-life wife Megan makes an appearance as herself encouraging Corbett to take the journey in order to find a different career path after a series of failed stand-up gigs. Hurley makes the trip with him under the promise of a support role in a gig by Kiwi comedian John Clarke in Invercargill.

Several cameos are included along the way, including Simon Barnett and Tim Shadbolt.

Catch Ben and Jeremy’s Big Road Trip on Monday night on TV3, 7.30pm.

Source: Herald


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  • Benjamin Paul

    Ya gotta love it when TV3 latches on to a couple of comedians…they are funny for 5 mintues, but they love to flog em to death….

  • Robbo

    Looks hilarious! Like Nutty, the water-skiing squirrel.