Best Of Top Gear on Prime

8:30pm Tuesday, August 31 on Prime

Motoring series

In tonight’s Best Of Top Gear Jeremy, James and Richard set out to discover what Top Gear might have been like 60 years ago. To this end, James grabs himself a gorgeous old Jaguar XK120 sports car, while Richard chooses to torture himself on the brutal but rather fantastically named Vincent Black Shadow motorbike. Meanwhile, in an almost unprecedented move, Jeremy decides to take the train. But not just any old train; he is on the footplate of the Tornado, a brand-new Peppercorn A1 Pacific Class steam locomotive built to the original blueprints used to create some of Britain’s finest locomotives back in the heyday of the railways. Jeremy has to feed the boiler with a constant supply of coal, without which the whole train will grind to a halt. The challenge behind this race is simple – the first one to get from London to Edinburgh is the winner – but what happens along the way adds up to one of Top Gear’s most incredible and epic races to date. Also in the programme, Formula One racing driver Michael Schumacher is interviewed by Jeremy before doing a lap to powertest the Ferrari FXX.

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