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7:00pm Saturday, August 21 on Prime

Documentary Series

Sarah Macdonald

Tonight Clarke tests his creative skills as he meets Sarah Macdonald, a fashion designer who specialises in outdoor clothing for women. Not only is she a dab hand with a sewing machine she’s also a huge fan of the outdoors and is a committed hunter, stalking deer and smaller animals. Uniquely, Sarah combines her passion for hunting with an ever expanding range of clothing with female hunters in mind! Clarke’s challenge is to stop talking long enough for a duck or two to come in range of Sarah’s 20 gauge shotgun. They both have a crack at duck shooting, and round the day off with skeet shooting and high velocity rifle target practice. With Clarke’s design skills not as refined as his on-camera ability, he elected to stick with the outdoors on this episode rather than trying his hand at fashion design! Probably a wise decision.

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