Extraordinary Kiwis on Prime

7:00pm Saturday, August 14 on Prime

Documentary Series

Anthony Lealand

Tonight we meet Anthony Lealand, a pyrotechnics expert who runs a fireworks company and organizes pyrotechnics effects like explosions and gunshots for the film industry. So far this sounds like every man’s dream job, but Clarke’s first challenge has him taking a bullet for the team! Thankfully it’s not as dangerous as it sounds with Anthony demonstrating how gunshots can be realistically portrayed for the film industry. He recovers sufficiently to help Anthony make fireworks for a display over Lyttleton harbour. Exact measurements of gunpowder are critical, and safety is paramount, with Clarke being warned that if he struck a match they’d both die a painful death of third degree burns. Clarke not only has to make the fireworks, but set up the electronic firing sequence and then push the right buttons at the right time. No pressure!

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  • TCB

    Is this series going to be shown again? Can it be viewed online anywhere – missed it 🙁