Kieran tops Joey in finale stakes

In 2008, New Zealand was gripped by the Ferndale strangler story.  On the 5th of March, approximately 650,000 people tuned in as Joey Henderson fell to his death after it had become one of the most talked about storylines ever on Shortland Street.

On Monday night, in their first ever feature length episode, Kieran Mitchell’s cliff top fall netted the soap an average audience of 837,530.

While it wasn’t the biggest audience Shortland Street has ever had, it was the highest rating episode since April 25, 2000.


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  • Sam_Duff

    Sorry, any idea what the episode was on 25th April 2000?

  • bobscoffee

    The Joey finale was a lot better though. Actually the whole Joey story was a lot better than Kieran’s.

  • regan

    @Sam.. I couldn’t find anything immediately so I’ll keep looking