More than a quarter of Kiwi homes now have Freeview

Growth of the free-to-air digital broadcasting platform, Freeview, continues to track upwards, according to its latest enabled household figures which illustrate that as of 30th June, 2010, it has broken a significant milestone and is now being enjoyed by viewers in more than a quarter of New Zealand homes.

A total of 419,945 Kiwi households (26.1%) are now enjoying the benefits of crystal clear pictures, new channels, popular content and world-class digital technology for free. The increase in Freeview enabled homes for the last 12 months to June 30, 2010, was 65% from 255,048 homes to 419,945 homes, or a further 10.3% of the population. More specifically, for the second quarter of this year, Freeview satellite and Freeview|HD®. numbers have increased again. An additional 9,639 homes were enabled with Freeview satellite and 33,947 with Freeview|HD®.

“It’s yet another strong result, indicative of the appeal Freeview has and the way in which free-to-air, digital TV and radio is proving so popular with New Zealand consumers. The anecdotal feedback we’ve had from retailers suggests the All Whites performance at the Fifa Football World Cup (screened live on TV One in HD, with alternate live games plus replays on TVNZ 7) played a part in this very good result for Freeview|HD®. And prices for integrated digital TVs, which have built-in Freeview|HD® tuners, and MyFreeview|HD® Digital television recorders, are consistently falling, which helps too,” says Sam Irvine, Freeview General Manager.

“One thing won’t be changing and that’s our firm commitment to providing great TV and radio, both mainstream, popular content and niche channels, all via a free-to-air model,” he adds.

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  • dextra

    Lol, how do they explain the Cumes on the Freeview exclusive channels then?

    People might have a Freeview box, but they’re not using them. 

  • dextra

    Lol, how do they explain the Cumes on Freeview exclusive channels then?

    They might have the box, but apparently no one’s watching it.

  • wohucanglong

    I’m curious. Of those people who have freeview in their homes, how many are actually watching channels other than the main ones? I know that I am pretty much sticking to TV’s One, 2, 3, C4 and Prime. Occassionally I flick over to Maori or TVNZ7, but that is often during ads or when I deem nothing of interest is on over on the other channels. TVNZ6 is a waste of time and space. Ditto with C42. For me I have freeview for the HD picture and nothing else. Anyone else in the same boat?? 

  • Rusty Viewer

    I watch old eps of Shortland Street on TVNZ6 occassionally, and often watch the breakfast TV summary on TVNZ7 plus might have a glance at Media 7 or somesuch.  Watch occasional foreign movie on Maori. Can’t see the point in C42 though, unless it is filler programming and there are other plans for the channel at a future date. Also, by having a seperate Freeview box plugged into my old recorder, I can record the National Program.

  • regan

    Kidzone on TVNZ6 does have its merits.