Nora Prentiss

TCM – Saturday 28 August, 2.30am (repeats 10.30am & 6.30pm)

An unhappily married San Francisco doctor meets an alluring nightclub singer and begins a doomed affair with Nora Prentiss.

When Prentiss (Ann Sheridan) leaves San Francisco and Dr. Richard Talbot (Kent Smith) for New York, Talbot is devastated. He must either divorce is wife or lose Prentiss. But a third possibility arises with the sudden death of Talbot’s partner: He uses the body to fake his own death. In New York, however, his life with Prentiss soon disintegrates into alcoholism and paranoia. Talbot has a terrible automobile accident and undergoes plastic surgery, leaving him with a completely different face–and a warrant for his arrest in the murder of Dr. Richard Talbot!

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