One News gets Australian electoral ballot paper wrong

One News’ explanation of the Australian voting system as shown on TV One last night was incorrect.

While they got the number of seats in the House of Representatives correct and the majority needed to form a government, they incorrectly stated that the electoral system used in Australia was STV.

A quick google search shows that Australia in fact uses the Preferential Voting system. According to wikipedia, STV is only used in lower house elections in Tasmania and ACT.

Compare what One News displayed above with the ballot information below to see the inconsistencies.

HT: Kiwiblog

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  • Benjamin Paul

    I hope they acknowledge it and apologise. Not good enough. 

  • LisaS

    Looks like they may have had a spelling fail too. Am guessing it was supposed to be ‘sheila’?

  • bobscoffee

    And isn’t Anthony Flannery an Aussie too?

  • Pault

    did tv1 correct their mistake or apologise tonight?

  • Ben

    How pathetic. One in ten NZers lives in Australia, many more have lived there and since returned. You’d think they’d be able to check with someone in the newsroom who knows anything at all about Australia that what they were saying was correct. A simple check of the electoral commission website or those of any of the parties (or Wikipedia for that matter) would easily have set them right. It says a lot about the standard of journalism from TVNZ – no research at all.