Outrageous Fortune on TV3

8:30pm – Tuesday, August 10 on TV 3

The man behind Outrageous Fortune and Stolen: The Baby Kahu Story is stepping in front of the camera when he guest stars in the week’s Outrageous Fortune, screening Tuesday, August 10th at 8:30pm on 3.

Tim Balme is the currently Head of Development at South Pacific Pictures, he has also worked as a storyliner and script writer on five seasons of Outrageous Fortune, and now he is joining his Outrageous Fortune cast when he appears in an explosive guest role.

“He’s made a lot of money through dodgy dealings and – like so often is the case – partied most of his ill gotten gains up his nose,” Balme explains about his Outrageous Fortune character Quentin Bates.

Quentin gets his introduced when the Booty Call girls, Kasey (Nicole Whippy) and Rochelle (Roz Turnbull), visit him to take back his car. “When we meet him he’s on bail facing jail and wanting to party on as a way of not facing reality. That’s when Kasey and Rochelle encounter him and… well, it all goes wrong from there,” Balme continues.

“He is so good,” exclaims Roz Turnbull, who plays Rochelle on the series, about Balme’s appearance. “Kasey and Rochelle can always just push things a little bit further and then to have this character, Quentin who is so over the top, I really felt it was such an amazing opportunity to be a bunch of actors really on their game.”

Like Turnbull, Balme also only has good things to say about working with Turnbull and Whippy. “All the actors on Outrageous Fortune have raised the bar for New Zealand television I think,” he says.

“And these two actresses are fantastic as we, the writers (and viewers) know. By series six their characters were so well established and ingrained that Roz and Nicole were running hot.”

While learning his Outrageous lines Balme also experienced something most actors have gone through at one time or another. “The weirdest moment was when I was learning my lines,” Balme recalls.

“I remember thinking as actors often do – ‘I wonder what the writer intended here?’ Then I realised the writer was me!”

Make sure not to miss Tim Balme when Outrageous Fortune screens on Tuesday, August 10th at 8:30pm on 3.

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