Prime Presents: Tiger Woods: The Rise And Fall

8:45pm Sunday, August 15 on Prime


Revelations about the private life of the world’s most recognisable sporting name, Tiger Woods, rocked the world in November 2009. Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall tells the story of the world’s most extraordinary celebrity scandal, talking for the first time to the key players behind the scenes: the girls; the ‘Tiger Team’ insiders; and the people who brought him down. Michelle Braun, the Hollywood madam who supplied Tiger’s girls, reveals the secret sex life of Tiger, including the money he spent and his special requests. Waitress Mindy Lawton reveals details of her year long affair with Tiger, as well as how the affairs were covered up by behind-the-scenes deals.

Porn actress and stripper Jocelyn James, who conducted a three year relationship with Tiger, talks about the kind of sex Tiger liked, as well as speaking with candour and feeling about the emotional costs of their affair: how she fell pregnant with Tiger (twice) and the personal price she paid for maintaining the secrecy. This PRIME documentary offers an unprecedented glimpse into the billion dollar athlete’s secret world, with the people who were there. As well as the girls and madams, we also meet coach Joe Grohman, who made Tiger the man he is on the golf course and reveals Tiger’s father Earl’s own infidelities.

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