Reel Late with Kate numbers plummet

Kate Rodger’s new film show Reel Late With Kate has been hammered by close to a 20% drop in viewers this week on last week.

The hit takes the total viewership below the 100,000 mark.

On last week, the show had its 5+ share evaporate by nearly 30%, a figure that is more than half of what at least one movie drew in the same timeslot last month.

Reel Late with Kate is Kate’s own film review show for TV3 and screens on Sundays at 10.25pm.

Disclaimer: this ridiculous analysis is as absurd as TV3’s original release.

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  • dextra

    @Regan: hehe, they do deserve this, I think you’re being too kind when you call last week’s release ‘ridiculous’.

    Someone actually took time out of their day to write that thing.

  • Robbo

    With all the movie reviews available on the internet, by reviewers with bite and wit, why would anyone stay up late to watch this lightweight show, better suited to a 5 minute slot on Breakfast? If you want to do something different, make it exclusively Kiwi. Kate seems like a nice person, though.

  • Flip

    I would happily sit up to watch a NZ film review show, if only it was better, better reviews, better guests and please, please, better production values… the greenscreen stuff is worse than shows from the 80’s!!! There is no excuse for the poor technical quality and the other basic mistakes of the show. How can we take seriously the opinions of people who can’t even manage to make what should be a very simple program?

  • samofthewest

    I have watched all three eps so far and it’s a pretty good show, the “celeb” guests are on their way down and I’ll be surpised who is left in NZ to “guest” but i like Kate, great format and the production value is suffice.

    Shame about the ratings but they did boast a little too early last week!