Tough Guy Or Chicken? on Prime

7:30pm Wednesday, August 4 on Prime

Documentary Series


Weeks into their global adventure, our five young Brits have to join the boys of the Jaminawa tribe in the Brazilian Amazon and endure six days of a jungle initiation to become men. To succeed, they must follow the rules of Jaminawa shaman Carlito, who has taught generations of young boys the secrets of the jungle – the hard way. The modern world is fast approaching the edge of Jaminawa territory, and Carlito is intent on keeping ancient traditions alive for the next generation. He is taking 10 local village boys into the jungle, to learn its secrets and commune with its spirits. For the first time, Carlito has agreed to take a group of outsiders. If the Brits are to emerge from the jungle as Jaminawa men, they will have to do everything that Carlito demands of them.

It means taking successively strong hallucinogenic brews to enter the spirit world, involves hunting for crocodile, sacrificing a snake to obtain its secrets, and finally going through a trial by pain to atone for the snake’s death. So far, Ben and Easton have failed every task; this time they simply have to man-up. But since Nick conned his way through to the end of their previous challenge, our group of adventurers have not exactly been best of friends. How will they cope when the pressure really builds up?

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