Wrecking TVNZ Isn't Enough, Time to Wreck RNZ as well?

So according to 3News it’s possible TVNZ7 and Radio New Zealand will be merged. How will this work? Right now, the news on TVNZ7 is pretty much just ONE News, which some of us (HelenD not being one of them) believe is substandard and full of reporters who couldn’t report to save themselves. What’s going to happen to Radio New Zealand’s quality when they’re going to have to share the newsroom with a bunch of incompetent amateurs?

Bill English has also announced that the government funding for TVNZ6 and TVNZ7 won’t be renewed. Surprise surprise. So what’s going to happen? Commercials will be introduced to TVNZ6? What about TVNZ7? Will there be extra funding for the merged news organisation? Radio NZ are underfunded as it is, with the government refusing to commit any more funds to it.

Could this finally be the death of public broadcasting in this country?

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  • HelenD

    Who worte this rubbish article?  Why is no name attached to this immature rambling on throng?

  • bobscoffee

    TVNZ staffer HelenD? Why is there no account attached to your comment HelenD?

  • HelenD

    Oh so now you put your name up.  No, I work for Telecom.  I disagree with your statement “which as we know is substandard and full of reporters who couldn’t report to save themselves”.  Please in your future “articles” don’t speak for me, because I happen to disagree with you.  You are welcome to your opinion, but do not say that everyone agrees with you.

  • bobscoffee

    1. My name was up the entire time

    2. For a start it isn’t an article, it an opinion, categorised as a ‘rant’.

    3. Because you disagree with the use of the word ‘we’ I will change it just for you.

    4. Feel free to disagree.

  • HelenD

    1. Perhaps it was an error with the internet, because I refreshed this page several times in the hope your name would come up.  It didn’t. Perhaps it was a fault with throng.

    2.  The definition of “Article” includes: 4. online newsgroup message: a message or posting to a newsgroup (http://uk.encarta.msn.com/dictionary_1861759503/article.html)

    3. Thanks!  Makes much more sense now and comes across as an opinion piece, which you obviously intended it be, rather than speaking for the whole of NZ.

    4. You know my thoughts already, enough said!



  • dextra

    @HelenD: The fact is, almost everyone does think TVNZ reporting is substandard, even people that work for TVNZ. It is a shell of its former self, and you piping a diatribe of semantics only helps to dance around the issue, not address it.

    If you are dead set on objective journalism, how about using some empirical data, or analytical reasoning of your own? I’m guessing it’s because you can’t find any. And how would you? Almost all academics and industry insiders alike, deplore the state on News and Current Affairs at TVNZ, and in most cases TV3.

    Ultimately it all boils down to one thing. ‘You pay peanuts, you get monkeys’, albeit very pretty young bimbo’ish monkeys.

  • No surprises

    The problem, dextra, is that when you say “almost everyone does think TVNZ reporting is substandard” you imply that the 700,000 – 800,000 New Zealanders who choose to watch each night are dupes and fools who suffer from some sort of false consciousness.

  • No surprises

    On another note, I’d be interested to know how such a merger might work.  Almost all the technical input to TVNZ7 comes from TVNZ.  The hourly newsbreaks on TVNZ7 are run by a couple of individuals who rely entirely on One News for all their content.  As far as i know, TVNZ7 does not have any cameraoperators or editors.  Is Radio New Zealand suddenly going to start shooting their own pictures?  And how exactly are they going to afford such a venture when they are already cash-strapped?

  • TG

    Merging RNZ with TVNZ 6 & 7 and privatising TV One and TV2 could be the best thing to happen in NZ public broadcasting in decades. This, however, would be completely dependant on a number of things:

    – provision of reasonable government funding for radio and television services

    – no advertisements – in a merged institution these would compromise not only the quality and journalistic integrity of television service, but also those of RNZ

    – split the current TVNZ news and current affairs division. TVNZ 7 is now completely dependant on One News reports and programmes – the new institution could take some of TVNZ’s more serious journalists and create a unified news division with RNZ. There is nothing wrong with journalists filing for both TV and radio – this is normal at the ABC, BBC, etc.

    – transfer of public service programming from TV One to new broadcaster – serious current affairs programmes (e.g. Q+A), Maori content (e.g. Te Karere, Waka Huia, Marae), multicultural content (e.g. Asia Downunder, Tagata Pasifika)

    – public broadcaster keeps control of a substantial part of TVNZ’s back catalogue of original NZ programmes

    If all of these things were done NZ would have a good quality unified public broadcaster – an NZBC for the present day, better than the original ever was.

    It may also make sense for this new NZBC to work closely with the ABC to share content and co-produce programmes. Whilst the new broadcaster should have a distinctly Kiwi voice, it would make a lot of sense to make the most of the massive resources of one of the world’s finest public broadcasters.

  • Ben

    I don’t know where the information in this article is coming from – I can’t other source that says there will be no more funding for TVNZ 6 & 7 other than in claims made by Labour.

    It seems likely though from reports over previous months that there will be a merger of some form. This could be an opportunity. We should all make it known what we would like to see in a public broadcaster and put pressure on the government to do something decent.

  • Newsjunkie100

    Radio New Zealand News Service is the only credible, reliable and quality broadcast journalism provider in the country. Please keep it as it is.

    Continual cutbacks on ZB have meant their bulletins are considerably shorter – I noticed at 5pm today, the news bulletin was just under 3 minutes long, at the time everyone tunes in to get the day’s news.

    At least TVNZ7 cut to the chase and don’t fluff around with live crosses – watching the 9pm, 10pm & 11pm bulletins I get up to date with all of ONE News’s main stories from the evening, and it comes without ads, live crosses and filler stories.

  • Arthurboggserelli

    I think Radio NZ could really add to tvnz 6 and 7… they’re bioth trying to do the same things, RNZ would bring the track record in journalism and tvnz the futuristic modern efforts and impetus.

  • Arthurboggserelli

    I mean – Radio NZ is doing a kick-arse job… But are the ready to jump into the future… I’m guessing no. So take the trechos and the ideas from tvnz 7 and add on the grunt from rnz and boomfa! you’ve got a show on the road