Apprentice NZ's Karen to hold Bed-In For Peace in celebration of John Lennon

The Apprentice NZ’s fourth placed ‘Energy Healer’ Karen Reid, is set to hold a Bed-In for Peace in honour of the late John Lennon – who would have turned 70 on October 9 this year had he not been assassinated in December 1980.

Reid says she will fill her Healing shop space with massage tables and invite the public in for free mini healing and massage sessions all weekend to honour the working class hero Lennon and the World Peace movement he stood for. 

Reid is Founder and Director of The Healing Company that specialises in a new natural health therapy from U.S.A. – Brennan Healing Science. She has just opened a new shop in St Kevin’s Arcade on Karangahape Road – Auckland’s vintage capital – overlooking Myers Park next door to the infamous Alleluya Cafe.

Reid has not stopped since she came fourth on The Apprentice NZ television series. “I used all the advice I was given on the show to help me expand my business and move into this gorgeous space in the Arcade. I love it, the birds sing outside, the sun shines in and I have a great view over the park. It’s the perfect inner city place to heal people. The Bed-In event is a way for me to honour the work and life of John Lennon, to celebrate World Peace and the opening of my new shop. His music still inspires me, and so I’m going to be giving the public free healing and massage services all weekend of his birthday.”

Karen is the first and only woman from New Zealand to study with Dr Barbara Ann Brennan, former NASA Physicist and best-selling author of “Hands of Light”. After commuting to Miami five times a year for four years, Reid came out as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, working with people’s energy –consciousness systems. She has been working with human energy for over a decade.

“It sounds complicated but it’s really quite simple. I help people deal with their emotions, their grief, and their baggage. You lie down on a massage table, I gently place my hands on your body, and I perceive what is going on in your life by interpreting the waves and patterns of your human energy field or Aura. I tune into you like a radio, then balance those frequencies that are unbalanced, using forefront healing techniques, to help you to feel lighter, and find your inner peace again. It’s the way of the future as dealing with issues is preventative medicine.”

The Bed-In for Peace will start at 10am on Saturday October 9, Lennon’s actual birthday, and will end at 5pm on Sunday 10 October.

(From a press release)

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