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7:30pm Thursday, September 16 on TV One

The Barlows are disappointed that Peter hasn’t given the meeting a chance. Peter snaps at Simon and realises how bad his addiction is and how it is affecting his son, and resolves to try the alcoholics’ meeting again, finally accepting that he has a problem.

Gary rushes out of Audrey’s house, past Ted who recognises him and cries out in pain and collapses, suffering a heart attack. When the police turn up at Anna and Eddie’s house to question Gary, Gary sees them and runs away. Later, Len lies for Gary and pretends he’s been with him. Meanwhile in hospital, Ted identifies Gary and the police arrest him, leaving David gleeful that his plan worked.

Betty is angry at being sacked and Poppy is annoyed that Steve isn’t standing by her decisions as manager. Steve persuades Betty to come back to work but she and Poppy continue to bicker behind the bar.

Bill goes to a singles night in a hotel bar and pretends he was in the army, and bumps into Pam who is pretending to be a concert pianist. They get cornered by Vanessa and Gilbert and agree to all go out together.

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