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7:30pm Tuesday, September 14 on TV One

David steals Audrey’s keys while she’s busy at the hair salon and lets himself into her house and hides all her personal items. Then he drives Gary to Audrey’s house and tells him that’s their job. Later, David organises himself an alibi and tells Gary he can’t do the job as Joe has been taken to casualty, leaving Gary to go alone into the house. Just as Graeme is about to call the police and turn Gary in, Ted arrives at Audrey’s house.

Poppy is increasingly irritated with Betty and her lazy attitude to work. When Poppy does a new roster, completely missing her, Betty accuses Steve of getting Poppy to sack her.

Blanche catches Peter in the Rovers about to buy a drink and they both go back to Ken’s house where Peter admits he’s struggling to stay off the alcohol. Ken says they’ll help but Blanche is suspicious. Peter finally agrees to attend a meeting about his addiction but walks out after only a few minutes.

Elsewhere, Kevin continues to be suspicious about Molly and Jason; Julie goes to see a medium; Audrey and Gail leave to visit Sarah; and Steve picks Becky over Sean for a photo in the Gazette newspaper.

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