Entourage on TV2

11:30pm Wednesday, September 22 on TV2

The guys return to New York City where Eric (Kevin Connolly) pursues Gus Van Sant to convince him to cast Vince (Adrian Grenier) in a role, in the season finale of Entourage.

After another late night drowning their sorrows, the guys gather in Vince’s mum’s (guest star Mercedes Ruehl, Law & Order) kitchen in Queens. She demands to know why her son can’t play the lead in Gus Van Sant’s latest feature, hearing Joaquin Phoenix dropped out. But when E calls Ari (Jeremy Piven), he informs him Gus isn’t a fan; the director even refuses to have Vince audition. Undeterred, Eric goes to Gus’s office to try and get Vince a shot. But Vince still doesn’t get the role and he blames E for his failed career.

When Vince gets a surprise offer from Martin Scorsese (as himself) to star in his next film, Ari points out that it’s actually due to E – since it was Gus who slipped Marty the Smokejumpers takes. Back in Hollywood, E won’t take Vince’s calls so he returns to mend their friendship in person.

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