How The Other Half Lives on One

8:00pm Monday, September 6 on TV One

Marc Ellis recons he’s pretty normal and in the second series of How The Other Half Lives (tonight on TV ONE at 8pm) he jumps the fence of normality to check out New Zealanders who have chosen to live a lifestyle outside the mainstream.

For Ellis, the series is about the different ways various communities measure success. “Clearly there are many out there who have jumped off the treadmill and who have chosen a simpler or different way of life in the pursuit of happiness, [How The Other Half Lives] is designed to show the average Kiwi still on the treadmill other ways of measuring success.”

Along the way, there is much to be learnt from the New Zealand communities living outside the norm, and Ellis’ experiences have helped him to truly appreciate that happiness is an interpretation of a person’s circumstances.

From meditating and chanting with Buddhist Monks, to fishing with the Italians of Island Bay; casting spells with Witches; and running away to join the circus, Ellis discovers some of the diverse communities that make up New Zealand, breaking down a few preconceived stereotypes along the way.

In the first episode, Ellis heads into the Canterbury wilderness with a group of hardcore Survivalists who believe that the world as we know it, is about to change forever as a result of wide-scale civil unrest. His mission is to find out just what they have planned to ensure their survival, and from where the threat will come.

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