Human Target on TV2

9:30pm Wednesday, September 22 on TV2

Chance protects a district attorney marked for murder by the mob, tonight on Human Target (9.30pm on TV2).

Series creator Jonathan Steinberg explains the kind of figure he wanted to create in the character of Chance, “what we really wanted to do was to create an action hero that was kind of like the action heroes that I grew up with and that we all grew up loving, the Indiana Joneses, the John McClanes. It’s hard, very hard to fall in love with Indiana Jones when he looks like somebody else every week. And so I think that a lot of what we wanted to do was really make sure that this was going to be a guy that you wanted to spend time with and that could be charming in that way.”

There are a number of guest stars who appear throughout the series, Steinberg talks about how they came to be: “With Danny Glover, I think it started as a goof on the set because we knew we wanted to cast a bit of a cameo for it. And realistic cameos started to become unrealistic cameos. And we just started throwing names around until we realised we wanted it to be somebody who really spoke to the soul of what we wanted the show to be. We wanted it to be Lethal Weapon and Die Hard and those kind of things. So I wrote him a fan letter, and he came and did it, which is pretty cool.”

Steinberg summarises his vision for the series, “I grew up as a movie kid and was a huge fan of the movies that ended up being the DNA of the show; Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars and movies like that.”

Allyson Russo (guest star Kristin Lehman, Drive, Judging Amy) is a district attorney who is running from her family’s past and has been marked for murder because of her investigation into an organised crime family. Someone has been going through her apartment and her car, and she’s had a police detail assigned to watch her.

Unconvinced the police will provide the security she needs, she hires Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) to find out who is after her.

In tonight’s episode, Chance needs a miracle to help protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices as they race to recover priceless religious artifacts hidden in a remote Canadian monastery. Guest star Sam Huntington (Superman Returns) appears as John Gray, Sarah Smyth (Naked Josh, Durham County) appears as Emily, and William Mapother (Lost) appears as Fisher.

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