Make My Body Younger

7:30pm Saturday, September 18 on Prime

Documentary Series

Battering his body with junk food and weekend boozing is taking its toll on Phil South’s twenty eight year old body. He’s clinically obese and he’s struggling with his fitness levels as he pursues his dream of becoming a football referee. With pressure from his fianc� to get in shape before their wedding Phil has decided it’s time to make some changes to his life. Whisked off for head to toe medical tests, Phil arrives at his own ‘Living Autopsy’ expecting the worst. And he gets it – he’s left shocked by his results. Phil returns home to Norfolk to discover that Dr Leanne Hayward is going to move in to help him make some changes to his life. Will Phil be able to halt the decline to his prematurely ageing body? Will all his hard work be enough to have made a difference?

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