ONE News to continue extensive coverage of Canterbury quake

TV ONE will continue its live coverage of the Canterbury Quake throughout the afternoon, will feature a special 90 minute bulletin of ONE News at 6pm and hourly updates from 8pm throughout the evening.
ONE News began broadcasting updates at 7am.  We broke into normal programming (Country Calendar) and have been continuously live with developments and civil defence public service messages from 8am.
News crews have been on the ground in the earthquake zone since immediately after the quake.  We were able to rally a full studio crew, director and producers from across Auckland to boot-up the main ONE News studio at the Television Centre in the CBD by 7am.
Presenter Rawdon Christie has anchored the coverage this morning for ONE News. Christchurch born and raised journalist, Miriama Kamo will present the coverage throughout the afternoon.   
TVNZ in Christchurch is well resourced with back-up generators, satellite news-gathering equipment and a team of experienced reporters, producers, camera operators and technical staff to continue providing extensive coverage of this state of emergency – the worst earthquake to hit New Zealand since the Napier quake in 1931.
Our news staff right across the country are also providing updates and content for news agencies across the world and are the primary source for global news giant CNN.

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  • reece_555

    A Huge well done to the TVNZ news team.

  • bobscoffee

    They have redeemed themselves. If only they can work on being quicker in the future

  • Rachel

    TVNZ’s coverage has been excellent, once they got going.

    Rawdon Christie is excellent – I hope he gets lots of recognition for his work today.

    I would have been happy with little info at the start but an alert across the bottom of the screen saying updates to come when they resumed normal programming.  As soon as I read about the earthquake online (about 6:45am) I went and turned on TV ONE, hoping to find out something.

  • regan

    Once their tiny rudder managed to turn the beast around it was fantastic.  However, the lack of information in the early stages was appalling. Why there wasn’t a ticker running while they pooled all their resources is beyond me. The public can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes and some expressed indication that they were working on getting something to air would have relieved much of the frustration.  

    TVNZ did themselves a huge disservice this morning by proving they are incapable of immediately disseminating information from a significant breaking story in our own backyard. Anyone who turned on their TV between the time the earthquake struck and 8am in between their short updates would have been incredibly frustrated to find replays of Breakfast etc.

    In the early stages of a disaster, people want information. Any information. TVNZ’s oversight only meant people desperately searching for information were forced to look elsewhere. That’s certainly not a good look when your brand is all about building trust as a supplier of news.  More embarrassing was that while we waited for TVNZ to wind up, international news broadcasters were providing coverage and when they weren’t talking about it, there was often a “Breaking News” graphic on the screen.

    People expect more from TVNZ.  When they deliver, they deliver well but in the early stages of this event they truly fell spectacularly short.

  • ABurgess
    do think this mornings coverage was all about availability as well. In a
    crisis like this there are so many sources who can help you ensure you
    put out the right information required but it needs to be understood
    that for the first time in awhile – this disaster was not a joke and
    they were all in fact tied up. Media liaisons on the future should be
    made more readily available to ensure that the information is put out in
    a timely manner.
    I think that TVNZ is due all credit – even for their work in between the times of when the earthquake hit and this morning – it may have been minimal information but it is better than nothing at all.
  • regan

    If I was a member of the pubic who turned on my TV in between one of their updates and saw Paul Henry goofing off and popping balloons with a high powered laser then my perception would be that there was no coverage. 

  • bernierox28

    I really enjoyed the coverage from about 9-11 this morning, very comprehensive and informative from many reporters and servicemen. A big well done to to the TVNZ news team.