Sharpe on Prime

8:40pm Friday, September 10 on Prime



Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson arrives with his new regiment, the South Essex, and Wellesley decides to keep in Simmerson’s good graces by arranging for the South Essex to blow up the bridge at Valdelacasa. Aware that Simmerson is incompetent, Wellesley orders Sgt Richard Sharpe to see that the mission is a success in exchange for a promotion to captain. Simmerson is infuriated to learn that Sharpe is not a gentleman and was raised from the ranks by Wellesley. In revenge, he orders Sharpe to train his men to fire three rounds a minute by nightfall, or they will be flogged as punishment for failure. Sharpe and Harper manage to succeed but only manage to infuriate Simmerson even more. The following day, Simmerson orders Capt Lennox to lead the South Essex across the bridge in the attempt to chase away a small French patrol. However, an ambush by the French cavalry brings on a rescue attempt with Sharpe in control…will this mean a promotion and even more enemies?

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