This Is Not My Life on One

8:30pm Thursday, September 16 on TV One

From the creators of Go Girls and Outrageous Fortune , new local series This Is Not My Life is an absorbing new mystery drama starring Charles Mesure, Tandi Wright, and Miriama McDowell.

A new television production company was created to make This Is Not Your Life, one that has a host of New Zealand film and television luminaries behind it.

GRST is a company headed up by series writers and creators Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang, and executive producers Steven O’Meagher and Tim White.

O’Meagher explains how the company came to be, “after the release of Out Of The Blue, Tim and I were looking to get into high end television, to do something that was different from what we’d seen before, coincidentally Gavin and Tim had lunch together and Gavin suggested there was a project he and Rachel had been working on for some time. So one thing lead to another.”

“I was attracted to the idea’s cleanliness of thought. There’s a mystery – who is Alec Ross? A guy who wakes up, doesn’t know his wife, doesn’t know his children, doesn’t know his world, doesn’t know anything about himself. And there is no one answer, there is a multi level one, which is intriguing.”

He continues, “Gavin and Rachel, without a shadow of a doubt, are amongst New Zealand’s top two or three screen writers. They’ve got time on the beat, they really know how to deliver professional scripts. Scripts that have characters around a dialogue that’s realistic and also achievable within the tight and pretty restrained New Zealand financing restrictions.”

Steven says co-director Robert Sarkie brought a cinematic quality which was balanced by co-director Peter Salmon’s wealth of television experience. “I think the difference between high end television drama and feature films is narrowing by the day.”

In tonight’s episode, Alec( Mesure) is ushered in to meet with a Eugene Corporation board member who turns out to be a man he recognises and who claims to have hidden Alec in Waimoana for his own good, but won’t elaborate. He’s offered the chance to leave, but is thrown when told that he can’t take Jessica (McDowell) with him, and that his ‘real wife’, Sarah, is waiting to meet them on the outside.

Richard (Joel Tobeck) is suspicious of Alec’s newfound relationship with the corporation and after digging deeper, he is cornered by Alec’s Eugene Corporation ally. Realising Dr Collins (Tania Nolan) has exposed him, Richard threatens her. Alec is poised to leave Waimoana when he discovers a hidden message from his real wife, Sarah, warning him not to trust anyone on the inside.

Missed an episode of This Is Not My Life? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

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