True Stories: Money Envy

9:35pm Tuesday, September 14 on Prime


Presented by Stephen K Amos, Money Envy explores why Britain has become a nation motivated by bank balances and consumer goods, and looks at the world of the super-rich to attempt to uncover whether being rich makes people as happy as people believe it will. Stephen will be our guide into the world of ‘bling’ and will find out exactly what it takes to become a millionaire. We speak with Alan Sugar, Simon Jordan and Theo Pathitis, all of whom have made high street fortunes out of electronics phones and knickers. And Stephen gives it a go for himself by moving out of his flat and investing his rent weekly with a budding entrepreneur to try and make �10,000 in three weeks!

We also meet three go getters with big dreams of Ferraris, yachts and executive jets and take them on a journey with Stephen looking at what they would spend their fortune on when they’ve got it. We also meet the millionaire who has just borrowed �3m and has an overdraft of �150k per month with a dream of turning it all around by running a new business from a car park. And we meet the playgirl living the jet set lifestyle with dreams of hooking a millionaire. And the real posh lady, who has a �250 million fortune, is building a new country mansion in the Surrey hills and is desperately seeking happiness by breeding and racing horses and searching for love with a stable of toy boys.

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