Wife Swap

8:30pm Wednesday, September 22 on Prime

Reality Series


A family who gave up a sophisticated city lifestyle for the simple life on an organic goat farm swap lives with a diva-licious mum who shops ’til she drops, on tonight’s Wife Swap. Tom and Denise Warren were working long hours building successful careers in the Big Apple. However, their nanny was spending more time with their children than they were. With no prior farming experience, the Warrens packed up and moved their family to an organic goat farm in upstate New York.

Fourteen years later, they now operate a successful restaurant and farm store out of their home, which allows them to be stay-at-home parents to kids Katie (16) and Shane (11). Since they rarely leave the property, they opt to shop at thrift stores and don’t care that they smell of farm animals. In order to keep the farm running smoothly, both Katie and Shane have heaps of chores with no pay, allowing no time for a social life. Meanwhile in Oklahoma, the Funderburgh family’s first priority is being fabulous! Diva mum Angie is a workaholic and clocks 60 hour weeks so she can give her family all the luxuries they desire. Angie plays as hard as she works and makes sure to have “me time” away from her family to shop and pamper herself with manicures and pedicures. Stay-at-home dad Tim cleans the house and cares for kids Trevan (11), Kylie (9) and Tiana (18 months), whose only responsibilities are to be happy, popular and good looking. Angie conducts “cool school” to teach the kids how to walk, dance and act hip.

When Tim actually asks the kids to pitch in around the house, he typically resorts to bribing them. Angie doesn’t mind her kids walking all over Tim; she boasts they learned to be high maintenance from her, since she considers herself a queen. Can Denise Warren teach the Funderburghs that there’s more to parenting than enrolling kids in “cool school?” And can Angie Funderburgh bring the Warrens closer to their children and save Lubert the lamb?

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