Andi Brotherston tenders resignation

While the majority of the uproar has been over Paul Henry’s comments, TVNZ’s News and Current Affairs PR Manager Andi Brotherston has also come under fire for her handling of the incident.  After all the calls for her to also be fired it appears that she tendered her resignation. Personally, I’m glad that she’s been given a reprieve.

TV3 ran a story tonight which featured a letter that Andi had sent internally to TVNZ staff.  That letter is below.  

Hi everyone,

I have asked and been given permission to email you to apologise. I have made an horrendous error of judgement and I want to apologise for the offence I have caused to you personally and the embarrassment I have caused to you as employees of TVNZ.

By way of background, I viewed the comments Paul Henry made online after being asked by NZPA for a comment for their afternoon papers deadline. In my haste I didn’t reflect upon the wider aspects of what he said, I just focused on the question he asked John Key and emailed a quote to NZPA.

This is not an excuse it is just by way of background, my comments were wrong and I take total responsibility for my mistake.

In hindsight it seems unbelievable that I didn’t seek a second opinion from Peter or Megan or even pause for breath but I didn’t and only have myself to blame.

I am deeply upset that my comments have impacted the reputation of TVNZ, which I know all of you work so hard every day to protect and enhance.

I’m in Corporate Affairs, the department that’s charged with protecting the reputation of the company, so in my view that makes my error of judgment so much worse.

I have offered my resignation to Peter Parussini.

Although he is particularly upset about my comments he has graciously declined to accept it.

However, I would really like you to know that I am deeply sorry. I was wrong. I apologise unreservedly for the offence I caused to so many of you inside the company and also the wider community.

Yours sincerely

Andi Brotherston

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  • Alison

    It might be your personal view that this pr manager should be given a reprieve however it doesn’t seem like a commercially sound business decision to me.  If TVNZ has a business strategy to boost ratings via a shock jock (rightly or wrongly), then they need to invest in support managment who have core competencies in issues and risk assessment. Clearly from what’s been said  in the letter of apology this person was out of their depth and sadly doesn’t have the skill sets required for the job. 

  • Saul

    Good riddance to Paul Henry.

    Good riddance to Andi Brotherston, she certainly should not be staying in a PR capacity anywhere.

    Two dicksh*ts (note NZ spelling and meaning) of the highest order, one a smarmy, arrogant anally retentive hasbeen, the other a sad ignoramus. Racism is racism and should not be publicly defended by any individual, least of all the paid servant of a state broadcaster.

    Which brings attention to Rick Ellis, who has wavered in his response and who obviously became concerned with escalated public and international reaction. Paul Henry’s resignation is no reprieve for Ellis. The fact that Ellis made similar attempts to defend the racist comments of Henry while imposing a finite two-week sanction indicate that he has no place in the role of CEO in a public broadcaster.