Breakfast ratings before and after Paul Henry

It’s a little early to tell how the Paul Henry saga has affected Breakfast’s ratings – if at all – as the co-host was only suspended on Tuesday but we’ve been asked how the ratings have been looking. 

For the week September 27 – October 1, Breakfast had the following ratings (5+ percentage, Source AGB Nielsen):

Audience: 4.6, 4.4, 4.8, 5.5, 3.8
Share: 59.6, 56.3, 55.0, 65.0, 47.7

For the week October 4 – 8:

Audience: 4.5, 4.6, 5.0, 4.3, 5.2
Share: 46.7, 49.2, 50.9, 43.6, 55.5

For the week October 11 – 15:

Audience: 6.0, 3.9
Share: 56.9, 43.2

Paul Henry made the controversial comments about Sheila Dikshit on October 1 and those about Sir Anand Satyanand on October 4. 

He was suspended without pay for two weeks on October 5 and is set to return to Breakfast on October 18.  

Update: as we all know, Paul Henry has now resigned from Breakfast so will continue to track ratings (7am-8am) for the show. 

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  • Rusty Viewer

    Not one but two controversial scandals – one now international.

    The bottom Line – HUGE ratings when Paul Henry returns.

  • Chris Philpott

    The ratings don’t look much different without Paul …

    I think this might be the death knell for Mr Henry.
    Odds he gets sacked on Monday: 3 to 2 

  • Johno

    Bring back Paul Henry he has done nothing wrong except tell the truth

    At least someone has the guts to finally speak out

  • Jim Maclean

    When someone has done “nothing wrong” there is no need for their employer to suspend them, their employer’s PR guru to offer their resignation and their countries diplomats to apologise on behalf of the nation. There is no need for the employee themselves to apologise (twice) and for their company to process hundreds, perhaps thousands of complaints. Most naive young people first learn that insulting words have consequences when they wake up in hospital or (if they are lucky like me) drag their sorry and badly beaten asses home to reflect on how it may not be fair or even legal for someone to respond to words with physical violence but it is a possibility which a sensible person bears in mind. People get killed for stupidity like this!

    Even where immediate physical violence is not a possibility (as in this case) seriously wounded emotions bring tangible costs to a country which depends on trade to pay its way in the world. Insulting 1.2 billion people is far from clever. Paul Henry has said he “will never apologise for causing outrage” and has indicated that he sees doing so as part of his raison d’etre. Well congratulations Paul, you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Now you, and our nation, will pay the price, and I will begrudge doing so.

  • ManInMiddle

    When “Mrs. Dick-Shit”, will fire a nuclear missile and taking your stuff out,  you will be in “deep-shit”

  • Fozzy Bear

    Without Paul TVNZ may as well just stream pictures of wallpaper – it’s got so little talent, especially good interviewers remaining.

    Let’s not forget that Paul also got in trouble for criticising how horrifically bad TVNZ’s shows were getting and the insultingly horrid 50 Years of NZ TV “quiz” proved he was right! It took the Aussies at Prime to show NZ TV how celebrating their own 50th anniversary should have been done. Kind of the Commonwealth Games of Television really….Ooh! Too soon?

    I have a conspiracy theory that with finances suffering, such massive & wide-ranging job cuts and a general lack of credibility as a result of the previous two things, TVNZ has manufactured this whole, huge witch-hunt / scandal / BEAT-UP! in a last desperate gasp for air and the public and now international media have fallen hook, line and sinker for it.

  • Wilbury

    Irrelevant comments by an irrelevant man from an irrelevant country. It must be French nuke testing that does this to the Kiwis.

  • ron

    Paul Henry

    As Johno said bring him back, he does have the guts to speak out, we are all fed up hearing about it

  • AndrewF

    A great outcome! Finally the racist bigot gets a bit of his own treatment and we can all laugh at him. You aren’t immune from the media Paul so you may want to recant your little speech about never apologising for causing outrage. Nice to see “trial by media” having a positive impact. Our TV screens will be much better for it.

  • Thats what we think of you guys too, it truely doesnt matter and its hardly up there in terms of news!.   We dont get all offended, we see the funny side when you take the p**% out of us.   Must be why we are one of the happiest countries in the world!

  • Sue

    Whatever happened to When in Rome do as the Romans?  What the heck will the world be like in another few years if you have to watch every little thing you say?  If you want to live here, enjoy the culture. We take the PISS out of everything (and have a good laugh and forget about it).  Come back Paul!!

  • hampete

    In reply to Johno:

    Are you drunk? How was there any truth in his statement about the governer general? I used to think he was alright but come on it reaches a point where he’s just being an ignorant twat. Still, he was a good balance to some of the excruciatingly boring presenters around, tv will be a bit worse without him

  • Dianne

    The ratings for this show, will eventually plummet. Give it time, as people fall away. I have tried watching and it so dam boring, I asked myself what the hell are you doing on this channel. Without Paul Henry, they might just as well can this show. I bet by early next year, this program will not even be talked about. It will just fade away. Haha, and the advertisers will fade with the low ratings. Pippa is coming across as a giggly little school girl, she is a nothing without Paul. No more morning TV1 in house, unless they bring back Paul, or someone with a sense of humour, I don’t want to watch continuous news bulletins.

  • samofthewest

    It’s quite stale at the moment, Greg was a good fill, Peter Williams should stick to the news cause he’s just a bit too awkward and not great on the comedy comebacks! We’ll have to face it Paul will never be coming back, so the show will just chugg along without the spark it once had.