Dawson's Creek

VIBE – Weeknights from Monday 18 October, 6.10pm

From the girl-next-door to Mrs Tom Cruise… who would have thought? Relive the agony and the ecstasy of teenage life in the ultimate nineties coming of age drama.

Vibe takes you right back to the very beginning of the series that launched the careers of Katie Holmes (Mad Money), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Michelle Williams (an Academy Award� nominee for her role on Brokeback Mountain), and was the career highpoint for James Van Der Beek. The characters may not look or sound fifteen (with their vocabularies raising eyebrows when it first screened), but this show will go down in history as the defining teenage drama series of the 1990s. Confronting issues of mortality, infidelity, homosexuality and betrayal, Dawson’s Creek chronicles relationships of a tight-knit group of friends on their passage from adolescence to young adulthood in the small coastal town of Capeside, Massachusetts.

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