Human Target on TV2

9:30pm Wednesday, October 13 on TV2

For Mark Valley, playing dare-devil security agent Christopher Chance means that he has to get physical on set as his character plummets down an elevator shaft, hurls himself from a bullet train, or gets involved in a martial arts tournament.

Valley admits his current role is more hazardous than playing buttoned-up lawyer, Brad, on Boston Legal. “It has been a little different from playing Brad. There was a couple of times I had to do these sidekicks, and I would kind of tear the seam of my pants in kind of an embarrassing spot, and that never happened in court!”

Valley points out that they have very well-qualified stunt-people to take on the really dangerous stuff; but that doesn’t mean he gets off scot-free. “I’m surviving on ice and ibuprofen,” he laughs. However, he insists that his character isn’t just a bruiser. “As an older guy, he has to have a little more finesse – he knows when to expend his energy and when not to. He’s all about calculated risk – and so am I!”

The other thing Valley likes about Chance is his dark humour. “My character has done some pretty heinous stuff, and some of those old skeletons are still rattling around in his closet,” says Valley. “There is a psychic toll that goes along with being an assassin. That’s the reason for Chance’s gallows humour. It helps him deal with his crisis of conscience.”

Pieces of Chance’s past come into focus in this week’s episode of Human Target, when he recruits FBI Agent Emma Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier) to help him stop his former partner from assassinating a visiting foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) tests out a familiar face as a new recruit to the team. Guest stars include Autumn Reeser (Entourage, The O.C.) and Lennie James (Jericho, Snatch).

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