Make My Body Younger on Prime

7:30pm Saturday, October 23 on Prime

How would you react if you were told parts of your body were two, three, even four times your age because of your excessive lifestyle? Presenter George Lamb and Dr Andrew Curran break the tough news to young partiers, bingers and gorgers. In their own personalized “Living Autopsy” they see first hand the consequences of too much booze, drugs, fatty foods and cigarettes on their bodies. But is the damage done reversible? Twenty year old Essex girl Amy Dickens loves to use sun beds and is a self confessed non-stop junk food snacker. She’s clinically obese and she’s started to worry what damage she’s doing to her body – both inside and out. Amy’s Living Autopsy (right) is very emotional as she’s told her heart and her bone and joints are dramatically older than she is. After her Autopsy, she gets help from Dr James Lambert, who moves in to help her try and make some changes to her life. It’s an eye opening experience for Amy as her life is turned upside down. But have her new healthier ways been enough to have turned things around? Has she made her body younger?

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