Make My Body Younger on Prime

7:35pm Saturday, October 16 on Prime


Twenty-five-year-old Wolverhampton-based wannabe DJ Russ Taylor has been smoking and knocking back the booze for ten years. He thinks it might be time to make some changes to his life, especially as Russ made a death bed vow to his dad that he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of making it in the music business. But Russ’s mates don’t want the party to stop. Despite fearing the worst, Russ is still gob smacked during his ‘Living Autopsy’ to discover that there are parts of his twenty-five-year-old body which are in fact older than his mum! After his Living Autopsy Dr Radha Modgil arrives on his door step to help Russ decide what to do next. When Russ returns to the Living Autopsy Theatre will he have managed to make his body younger?

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