Big Bang’s Galecki lands film role

The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, has been cast in new Justin Timberlake film “I’m.Mortal”. The role will be Galecki’s first major film effort since he joined The Big Bang Theory. House’s Olivia Wilde will also feature in the film.

Creator teases Misfits second season

The creator of British teen series Misfits, which screened here on C4, has revealed details of the second season. Howard Overman said that the unresolved storylines from the first season will be wrapped up quickly in the new run along with a new central character introduced.

American Dad seventh season ordered

Fox has ordered another series of American Dad, which is currently in its sixth season. Eight more scripts have been announced for the cartoon as well as several other animated projects including the TV remake of 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Walhberg announces spy drama plans 

Mark Wahlberg has announced plans for a new spy drama with fellow Entourage and Boardwalk Empire producer Stephen Levinson. The project will focus on a Berlin missionary who becomes involved with the CIA during the Cold War.

24 actor joins Terra Nova

24 cast member Mido Hamada has landed a fulltime role on upcoming Steven Spielberg series Terra Nova. Hamada, who played Samir Mehran on 24, will take on the role of head of security in the prehistoric series.

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