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Valderrama attached to new comedy

Former That ‘70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama is attached to a new series which will have a comedic component. The series is being created by American Dad executive producers Murray Judah Miller and will have Saturday Night Live writer Akiva Schaffer on board as well.

24 actress to guest on Modern Family

Former 24 actress Mary Lynn Rajskub has signed on for a guest spot in Modern Family’s upcoming second season. The actress, who played Chloe in 24, will make an appearance on the sitcom as an old girlfriend of one of the characters. Rajskub has also appeared in the past on Flight of the Conchords.

Ridley Scott develops series

Film director Ridley Scott will produce a new miniseries based on a Philip K. Dick novel called The Man In The High Castle. Scott will work on the project which details a world in which Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany won the Second World War.

The Office to screen Glee episode

An upcoming episode of The Office is set to adopt a Glee theme with the show focussing on the Dunder Mifflin employees gathering together to watch the musical series. Due to the difference in networks, no Glee cast members are expected to appear as guests.

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  • HelenD

    “A new comedy series which will have a comedic component”- well that’s a good start I guess

  • Brad Kreft

    ah, looks like the cut and paste got away from me there. cheers for pointing it out