Should TVNZ commission a second season of This Is Not My Life?

The season finale of This Is Not My Life has certainly created an opportunity for a second series if TVNZ want it.

After discovering that he and the other residents of the fictitious Waimoana had been given new identies and memories, Alec Ross/John Sheridan (Charles Measure) has unraveled the mystery for the past 13 weeks and in the season finale, finally managed to get beyond the border.

There are plenty of questions that writers Rachel Lang, Gavin Stawhan and Jason Daniels have left unanswered for a second season but it may come down to how comfortable TVNZ were with the ratings. The show didn’t necessarily get the ratings it perhaps should have but that may simply be put down to a poor programming decision to screen the show on TV One instead of TV2, something that may be rectified in 2011.

It was a bit slow to get started but once the story started to unfold, it became a much more interesting watch each week.  

There had been numerous comparisons with The Cult and how likeable the characters were but I think it’s fairly safe to say that by the end of TINML, most people cared about what happened to Alec/John.  Not knowing what happens after his escape and the wonder of what’s on the other side should provide the incentive for TVNZ to give it another shot.

What did you think of the season finale and the season overall?  Do you think it deserves another season?

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  • Chris Philpott

    Absolutely – sign it up sooner rather than later!

  • jhjh2000


    The story is not fished but possibly be it is start of a world that we as viewers  beginning understand


  • aaronimpact

    It was a well made programme but some episodes were boring.

  • millionleaves

    I found it slow. The storyline, while interesting, could have been delivered in half as many episodes. That would have made it considerably more compelling.

    Is there scope for another season? Absolutely. It was written that way. After all, it’s been bought by the Americans, so I’m sure they’ve got a second season all mapped out. Do *we* need it ….? Hmmmm.

  • openmedia

    I’m finding it hard to understand that they don’t already have season 2 in development. After the ending last night I want so much more. Perhaps the international sales can help boost further development.

    In some respects it felt like a combination of Meadowlands, Prisoner and Dollhouse, but with a wonderful kiwi twist. Plus the way technology was represented was simply awesome.

    Lastly the way Richard was dealt to in the last episode was priceless.

    Please TVNZ we need to see more of this wonderful show.

  • AaronB

    i’d love to see another series. it started off slowly but got better with each episode.

  • dantoujours

    Yes yes yes. Loved the entire series.

  • Rusty Viewer

    I don’t think there’s any need for a second series. It would get boring. The main mystery has been solved. Maybe a one-off movie to get Jessica out of there but that would be more of an action movie.

    Now I think about it though…he goes in to rescue Jessica only to find there is a new Jessica there, who is involved with the man formerly known as Richard, who now has a chip implanted in his head and has a new identity. Still don’t see how far you could go with it. You’d have to introduce a new mystery somehow.

    You could throw in an extra twist – he finds out he really WAS Alex Ross after all and that John Sherridan was his fake Id. So the former Alex Ross who has taken his place who he thought was the original Alex Ross is not at all. Or maybe there’s a third REAL Alex Ross somewhere. Or there never was, it was always a fake ID.

    And John Sherridan’s father isn’t really dead. After all, we never saw the body.

    Nah…could still get boring, I think.

  • reece_555

    The show had one problem its ratings slid each week with its “season finale” the lowest yet, TVNZ should only commission a second season if they stump up the cash to fund it.

  • jhjh2000

    You’d have to introduce a new mystery somehow.? Y
    The story is not fished but possibly be it is start of a world t

    The story is Alec explore world

  • Robbo

    Good concept. Intriguing beginning. But then quickly went downhill, much like The Cult. Is it any wonder the ratings continued to slide? Why on earth would they make a second series given that trajectory?

  • Dex

    I would love another season. I thought it was excellent, despite ratings. Dexter didn’t rate, Nurse Jackie only rated in second season, The Wire, Entourage… In fact a lot of my favorites don’t rate here in sunny old NZ. Ratings don’t necessarily reflect quality.

  • Robbo

    Nurse Jackie and Dexter have strong central characters that people want to see more of. You can’t say the same for This Is Not Your Life. Everyone’s so bland. Just like The Cult – it’s the lack of character development that makes people turn off. Maybe we need to import a few sharp scriptwriters to help out our team in sunny old NZ.

  • CJ

    Each episode got more deep into the story and came together nicely for there not to be another season it would leave alot left unanswered, I personally think that with a 2nd season it will make the series bloom into a great show.

  • jenjen37

    Yeah, this always reminded me a bit of the cult, but a second series might mature it a bit. Storyline wasn’t too bad.

  • dantoujours

    This isn’t the kind of show that is going to appeal to everyone. The Sci Fi, mystery thriller genre is far less safe than the kind of comedy/drama you get with “Go Girls” and OF, so I’m not surprised that responses are as mixed as they are. Still, I think we should try to produce as many genres as possible.

    I think the fact that this show was picked up by the Yanks shows that both the premise and story line had something to offer.

  • jenjen37

    Very true. Heres hoping they don’t butcher it though like they did with their version of outrageous fortune! What was it called? Scoundrels or something of the like I think

  • Reb

    I have just watched s01 this week but i liked it very much.

    I really hope i can watch the second season as soon as possible!

  • Waller

    i want season 2 !

  • moria

    I’m in Australia and absolutely loved it! There needs to be a season 2!

  • saby

    i loved it!!! it’s a great show, so please do not stop the good work you’re doing!!!