This is not my life: Season 1 Ratings

Season 1 of This is Not My Life is over now, so how did it fare in the ratings? 

It is rather unfortunate that the excellent season finale (shock! a twist I didn’t see coming) was up against the most incredible game of Netball in the history of the sport – the show ended on its lowest ratings of the season.

Here’s how the show compared with other local Kiwi shows’ first season ratings:

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  • aaronimpact

    Maybe I wasn’t paying attention when watching, what was the twist in the final episode?

  • Backspace

    I would also like to know, anyone?

  • quint

    I would say its rather generous to mention the netball considering there isn’t any ratings blip for the show, and it continued a decreasing trend in ratings since basically the first episode.


    Whether or not it comes back depends on two things – ratings in the demo, and overseas ratings/ interest.

  • dantoujours

    This isn’t a show you can dip in and out of like OF and GG. It had a focused storyline which if you missed made resuming difficult. So I can’t say I’m surprised that the rating slid. I personally thought the story, action and acting improved as it went on, but maybe the slow beginning was enough to lose people.

  • Rachel

    The twist (for me at least!) was him figuring out how to escape by switching his identity with Richard’s as he had the security clearance to leave Waimoana – and also a clever play on the show’s name.

  • Benny

    Are you sure those are Season One ratings for OF? July 2005?  I’m in research, and I thought this looked odd given the commonly held belief that the show started quite low and built because TV3 were brave enough to give it another go… so I checked and my calculations have the show starting on a 6.9 ep one and ending on a 6.8 ep 13.  Confused!!

  • Vin

    If Benny is right then this article is grossly misleading!

  • Rachel

    @Benny: Thank you – this has been updated as I made a mistake and accidentally didn’t use the season one ratings for Outrageous Fortune. 

    @Vin: The bad ratings for TINML still stand

    @quint: You’re probably right re: the netball, although I know people who missed the finale because they got caught up with the netball. 

  • Jesse-pear

    Thank you for updating the graph with the correct information- it must have been very embarrasing for you- imagine what you would say if TV One or TV3 news had have made such an error!

  • Rachel

    @Jesse-pear: Not at all, happy to be corrected.