Benidorm on One

11:05pm Friday, November 5 on TV One

Comedian Johnny Vegas returns for a new series of Benidorm, promising sun, sea, sangria and its biggest fiesta yet, tonight at 11.05pm on TV ONE.

In series three, the holidaymakers are all back for their free holiday at The Solana Apartments that they received as compensation after being taken hostage by a drug dealer last year.

Mel (Geoffrey Hutchings) is determined to promote his business interests, starting by buying a mobility scooter outlet and giving Madge (Sheila Reid) a new top of the range scooter. Mel decides that Mick (Steve Pemberton) is going to be working for him whether he likes it or not, and Janice (Siobhan Finneran) does her best to stop the family from throttling each other.

Meanwhile The Oracle (Vegas) looks for love with the unwanted support of his mum Noreen (Elsie Kelly) with hilarious and often disastrous results.

Martin (Nicholas Burns) has separated from his wife, Kate (Abigail Cruttenden), and arrives on the holiday with the unpredictable Brandy, a young girl he met in a self-help group – The Lion Within – who certainly keeps on his toes guessing what her next move will be.

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