Escape To River Cottage on Prime

8:05pm Tuesday, November 30 on Prime


It’s been six months since Hugh arrived at River Cottage. His pigs are now ready for slaughter and Hugh intends to have a pork party to pay his new neighbours back for their friendship and invaluable help. Peggy Davills pays Hugh another visit to help him get the pigs to the abattoir. As the pigs leave Hugh feels sadness but also pride at having raised two of the happiest pigs in Dorset. Hugh enlists one-time playboy Victor Borge and local butcher Ray Smith to help him deal with the meat. And Ray Smith makes the most of the carcasses ensuring Hugh doesn’t waste a scrap! Back at River Cottage the three immediately set to work preparing a feast of small holding delights for the party guests – only stopping to pig out on a hearty lunch of black pudding and kidneys. Hugh manages to fit in a sea shore scavenge with Bill Gibbons in search of some free food. Armed with buckets and mounds of table salt Hugh learns an ingenious technique for catching tasty razor clams. Once the guests arrive everyone gets on famously.

In fact Hugh enjoys the good life so much that he is debating whether or not to stay a little longer….

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