Escape To River Cottage on Prime

8:05pm Tuesday, November 23 on Prime


Tonight Hugh puts the river running past his cottage to good use. It’s Eel migration season and he meets up with local basket maker Malcolm Seal, to try his hand at creating an eel trap. Hugh has discovered an eighteenth century French basket design and with luck it should clean up in the River Brit. On his way back to River Cottage, Hugh keeps his eyes firmly on the road. A road kill rabbit in his new trap could prove an excellent eel enticement. Later, if you don’t eat the apples, you drink them and when it’s free you drink as much as you like!

The Chideock Cider Circle enjoy the right to collect orchard windfalls and Hugh joins the September harvest in return for a taste of their infamous brew. But first he has to tell a good un’ from a bad un’. Hugh quickly creates a tempting tortilla before it’s off to the cider house for a lesson in traditional cider pressing. With lots of tipple tasting and a raucous game of skittles will Hugh be feeling a little under the weather? Next morning Hugh is delighted to find two glorious eels in his river trap. The French design inspires him and after skinning the eels he’s back in the kitchen rustling up Eels au sauce verte. Another autumn treat is in store for Hugh as he joins a group of beaters on a nearby pheasant shoot. He is taken under the wing of veteran beater, Pete Whitlock and they set to work sending the pheasants high up in the sky. Just time to warm up with tea and biscuits before Hugh receives his payment, in pheasants naturally!

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