High Court rules against TV3 & C4 over poker ads

TV3 and C4 broadcaster TV Works has lost a High Court appeal over ads for international poker tournaments.

Justice Ron Young has today ruled that the ads for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour are defined as promoting gambling by the Gambling Act.

Initially, a District Court ruled in favour of TV Works’ view that the APPT players were playing for a prize and not gambling and that the ads were not in breach of the legal prohibition on publishing or promoting gambling outside New Zealand.

But today’s judgement has overturned that decision, a move that the Department of Internal Affairs has welcomed after appealing the district Court ruling.

“Whether any penalty should be imposed in the District Court in view of these circumstances will be a matter for the Judge if the charges are found proved,” said Justice Young.

Justice Young said also that the legislation was far from clear and he believed that TV Works thought they had acted lawfully.

The case has been referred back to the District Court for further consideration.

Source: Stuff

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