Leave Us Kids Alone on Prime

7:30pm Saturday, November 6 on Prime

Reality Series

Imagine a boarding school with no adults around at all. In Leave Us Kids Alone power is handed over to 12 opinionated teens, all of whom must work together to care for a class of 30 spirited twelve year olds. It’s a teen’s ultimate fantasy but can they pull it off when it means cooking, cleaning, managing a budget and organising school trips are on the agenda? Not to mention running the timetable and teaching everything from Pythagoras to sex education. Will their school end in anarchy? It’s a tall order as these teens will also be living under the same roof 24 hours a day.

Along the way intense relationships are made and broken, leaders will rise and fall and in the midst of it all there will be moments of real achievement and revelation. All the while they are being watched by a real school inspector who decides if they are achieving or not. We begin tonight’s first episode with head teacher elections. To follow are struggles in the kitchen and first attempts at teaching, as well as a visit from a complaining parent. Resident psychologist Gareth Smith also pays a visit to teen teachers Sam Wadey and Hannah Couchman.

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