Outrageous Fortune ends with highest ratings (graph)

The final episode of Outrageous Fortune last night drew the series’ biggest ever audience with more than 725,000 Kiwis tuning in to see what would become of Cheryl and her Wests.

In the 5+ demographics, Outrageous Fortune took an 18.1 rating and a 40.8 share while in TV3’s current target demographic of 18-49, it was a 24.8 rating and a whopping 51.5% share.

Overall, the sixth and final season of Outrageous Fortune was also the best rating with a 27% increase on last season with the average audience per episode over the half million mark.

Check out our ratings graphic for all six seasons after the jump.

(High res versions of the following graphic are available on request)

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  • AaronB

    with those numbers it’s a shame it’s finishing after only 6 seasons. would be kinda cool to see some sort of spin off, maybe based on the ‘tool guys’????

  • reece_555

    Its fantastic to see an NZ drama go out on a high for a change, but because of its popularity now wasnt obtaining more funding an issue for any future series?

  • frenzy

    Nice graph. Really nice graph.