Playhouse Disney Channel gives Australian and New Zealand preschool-focused groups a helping hand

Playhouse Disney Channel has awarded 15 Australian and New Zealand preschools, kindergartens, childcare centres, play centres and groups, learning centres and dance groups with a community grant in support of their outstanding contribution to the community.

The grant recipients were recognised by parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who shared heart-warming stories of how their preschool-focused community group developed and supported the interests and wellbeing of local children. 

The groups are set to receive a $2,000 grant from Playhouse Disney Channel, what is intended to assist in the expansion, development and commencement of projects that will benefit children between 0 to 6 years old. 

The ‘Handy Manny Community Grants’ were inspired by the Emmy-nominated ‘Handy Manny’, which airs on Playhouse Disney Channel. The animated series, which is set in the multicultural and multi-generational community of Sheetrock Hills, features ‘Handy Garcia’, a hardworking handyman with a team of talking tools. Manny spends his days helping his neighbours by taking on their fix-it projects.

Together, Manny and his tools help preschoolers learn about cooperation, problem solving and friendship. The series is designed to infuse preschool viewers with an enthusiasm to take on life’s challenges and to make things work. 

The grant recipients are: 

· AEIOU Foundation (For Children with Autism), Toowoomba, QLD

· Awapuni Preschool, Gisborne, NZ

· Cuddly Bears Childcare, Oakley, QLD

· Hear The Children Early Intervention Centre, Kellyville, NSW

· Hornsby Hub Childcare, Waitara, NSW

· McKenzie Centre, Hamilton, NZ

· Northland Kindergarten, Northland, NZ

· Parsons Avenue Kindergarten, Levin, NZ

· Puna Reo Te Okahukura, Auckland, NZ

· St Matthews Twinkle Toes, Palmerston, NZ

· Stoke Playcentre, Atawhai, NZ

· Tara Community Play Group, Tara, QLD

· Waihao Downs Mobile Kindy, Waimate, NZ  

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