Real Crime: Five Weddings, Five Funerals on One

9:30pm Tuesday, November 9 on TV One

In 2008, Al Gentry achieved his goal of 22 years of continuous work: he had Betty Neumar arrested for the murder of his brother Harold, Betty’s husband in 1986.

Only then did it emerge that Harold Gentry was just one of Betty’s five former husbands – all five of whom appear to have died in suspicious circumstances. The media had a field day and labelled Betty ‘The Black Widow’ – but can this 76-year-old Grandmother really have got away with murder, not just once but five times?

Five Weddings Five Funerals seeks the answer, tracking down some of the surviving relatives of the dead husbands, Betty’s own children from different marriages, and finally ‘The Black Widow’ herself.

Al Gentry always believed Betty was guilty of murder since his brother’s death, “There’s too much happened to her not to be guilty of something. There’s too much. It’s not just coincidental.”

Gentry describes what the last two decades have been like, trying to bring Betty to justice, “They say there’s a heaven and hell and I believe I’ve lived in hell right here on Earth for the last 23 years.”

It wasn’t until a new sheriff took over the case that Gentry believes he had any real response from the police, “I pursued it for 21 years with four sheriffs until Rick Buriss came in as sheriff, ” Gentry continues, “He looked at it [Gentry’s files of evidence] about three minutes and said we need an arrest on this as soon as possible.”

Since the story broke in the newspapers and Betty was arrested, Gentry has felt the need to arm himself for protection, “I carry a gun for protection, because the DA told me I needed protection because my life had been threatened.”

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