Real Crime: Tobin - Portrait Of A Serial Killer on One

9:30pm Tuesday, November 2 on TV One

Current affairs presenter Mark Austin looks into the life and crimes of Peter Tobin, considered by some as Britain’s worst ever serial killer. Through archive footage, interviews with professionals who worked on the Tobin police cases, and contributors who are linked personally to Tobin, the extent of his crimes are revealed to show just how far his reach was across the UK. (Tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE).

The film also looks at the other unsolved murders that Tobin may have committed; killings which could stretch back over a period of 40 years, including the disappearance of ten women in England and the suspicion that he may be the infamous Scottish Serial Killer ‘Bible John’.

Mixing archive news footage with dramatic reconstructions as well as interviews with the families of the victims and the police who investigated his crimes, the film reveals the criminal life of a truly terrifying man.

Austen explains, “in this documentary we will examine Tobin’s past, attempting to see what drove this man to become a monster. Talking to his two ex-wives and his son we will hear terrifying tales of his brutal temper and the cruelty he showed to those closest to him.”

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