Top stories on ONE News and 3 News: November 11, 2010

ONE News:

  1. Psa update (Live cross, Garth Bray)
  2. Kiwifruit concerns (Matt McLean)
  3. Skyhawk costs (Michael Parkin)
  4. Report on plane crash
  5. Student protest in London (BBC)

3 News:

  1. Pro-cannabis march (Live cross, Dan Parker)
  2. Kiwis on crippled cruise (Adam Ray)
  3. Psa update (Simon Shepherd)
  4. Student protest in London (Kim Chisnell)
  5. Pro cannabis update (Live cross, Dan Parker)


I was intrigued by the pro cannabis march — especially the update with Dan Parker being right in the middle of the action; I almost wondered if 3 News were told about the whole thing beforehand and there was an agreement to do the entry into the police building at a scheduled time which would be ideal for a live action cross during the first segment of the 6pm bulletin.  Yes, call me cynical but it felt a little bit like that.  Was the march covered later in the news by ONE? I felt uneasy seeing it on 3 News and wonder about manipulation and agendas. 

ONE News

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  • bobscoffee

    And tonight’s stupid beat-up story, the girl who was called a slut by her dean, courtesy once again of Simon Bradwell. The dean verbally apologised, but nono the mum wanted a written apology. Really now. What difference does it make?

  • Adam

    Did you notice that both TV1 and TV3 went to the same supermarket in Tokyo and basically did the same style of story with similar pictures. Is there only one supermarket there or are Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner staying in the same hotel sharing the same cameraman?

  • MichaelT

    I was very surprised that TV1 missed the pro
    legalisation of cannabis march to parliament and the subsequent
    protest at national police headquarters, effectively letting TV3 get
    a scoop. With legislation on toughening (or not) control on alcohol,
    the most common legal drug, getting so much media coverage recently,
    one is left questioning why TV1 did not cover this march and protest
    during which there was public use of the most common illegal drug
    right under the noses of the police. TV3 was also able to extend the issue with a follow up item the next day.

  • youtube

    Either missed, or didn’t think it newsworthy.