Top stories on ONE News and 3 News: November 3, 2010

ONE News:

  1. David Tamihere to be released (Live cross, Donna-Marie Lever)
  2. Andrew Mears case (Amy Kelley)
  3. Sarah Wilson’s health bill (Exclusive, Lorelei Mason)
  4. Jimmy Mason case update (Lisa Davies)
  5. MP travel expenses reverse

3 News:

  1. Andrew Mears case (Simon Shepherd)
  2. David Tamihere to be released (Rachel Morton)
  3. US elections (Samantha Hayes, live cross – CBS Joel Brown)
  4. NZ/Australia wage gap report (Duncan Garner)
  5. MP travel expenses reverse (Live cross, Rebecca Wright)


I really wonder about news stories where the issue has been resolved (or almost resolved).  In this case, it seemed that Sarah Wilson’s health bill was a clerical error which can be fixed once she shows proof of citizenship/residency?  Yes, it was a rather hurtful reminder of the death of her daughter, but is a one-off clerical error like this real cause for wider concern?

3 News took the US elections more seriously tonight with explanations of the process, results and implications as well as a live cross to CBS’ Joel Brown. 


3 News

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  • bobscoffee

    I thought that item was much ado about nothing too.