Ultimate Force on Prime

9:40pm Tuesday, November 16 on Prime

Drama Series

Red Troop have become another set of players in the complex political jigsaw of Northern Ireland. PSNI Special Branch officer Steve Gelder has received information that there is going to be an assassination attempt on DUP candidate Bill Gracey and Red Troop has to ensure it fails. The information has come from Jack Cullen, an undercover operative now high within the ranks of the IRA. Dressed as Gracey, Jamie leaves his house and gets into his car. Covered on all sides by members of his team, Mann notices a Dicker (an IRA scout). He watches ‘Gracey’ but is unarmed and sneaks off. ‘Gracey’ drives away, followed at a short distance by Henno and Caroline.

They unexpectantly hit a VCP and Henno knows instantly that something is wrong. At the same time the ‘policeman,’ Maguire, sees Henno is carrying a pistol. As Jamie simultaneously reaches for his gun the younger ‘officer’, Sean hits him with the butt of his own pistol. Gunfire breaks out and under a siege of bullets one of the Irishmen, Kieran, is shot and Jamie is bundled into the getaway car. The driver, Sweeney, notices with horror that Gracey is not Gracey at all. They have the wrong man, but it is too late to dump him, they need him as security.

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