What's going to happen in 2011?

Okay, it’s an end of a hard year for NZ TV. There was more low points than high points. In fact, I would go as far to say that this was the worst year for TVNZ. TV3 over took them.

Let’s look forward to 2011. TVNZ will have to be careful about what to put on, because they are not going to get anywhere if they just put on the same sort of stuff over and over again. Otherwise, it’s going to be hell!

Also, what happened to Stars In Their Eyes? Did it go to the moon? (Joking!)

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Hey there, I'm Dave! I love watching TV. Ever since I was a baby. One of the first shows I'd watched, was Son Of A Gunn, and after 18+ years, Jason Gunn is my idol.

I'm in to live entertainment shows. I'm not into dramas, much.

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  • Jesse-pear

    What do you mean TV3 overtook TVNZ?  In the ratings TVNZ killed TV3

  • theidolwhorocks

    Programing wise.

  • bobscoffee

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that either. I’d say next year would be worse anyway.

  • just me

    another 365 days another 365 days of Visual Turd Entertainment VTE. Screw digital TV when Analogue gets switched I will just unplug the aerial.


    The Radio and DVD player, The only light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Rusty Viewer

    What’s going to happen next year?

    Well, we know C4 is having a major revamp to FOUR and becoming mainstream, and TV3 will be tweaked as well. Will they be doing something else with C4.2? FOUR +1 perhaps, or maintstream music like C4 has been? Apart from the mediaworks channels revamp, I think it might be a case of same old same old.


  • reece_555

    Programing wise is personal opinion, ratings clearly show TV3 is in trouble its news a large problem. Unless media works had a huge spend up on new content accross the board both TV3 and Four will struggle to pull in viewers.